Arete Surgical Center (Nadora Healthcare)

Arete Surgical Center (Nadora Healthcare)
This provider specializes in: Orthopedic Surgery
Spine Surgery

Nadora Healthcare features a bundled payements surgical center that specializes in pain management, orthopaedic, spine, podiatry & cosmetic procedures serving patients across the country. Our first center is located in Colorado and we are a Joint Commission Accredited ASC. We provide our patients with quality outpatient & inpatient surgical care in a safe, friendly & world class environment.

Nadora Healthcare surgical centers feature three operating rooms, spacious pre-operative rooms, pain management & PACU recovery areas. Our centers also feature private recovery suites with two large, comfortable waiting rooms & our location in Colorado overlooks the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Our Spine & Orthopaedic specialized surgeons are board certified, fellowship trained and committed to providing world class quality & professional care that provides excellent outcomes, every time. Our surgeons & nursing staff are among the best providers in the healthcare industry and we utilize the latest technology to ensure you are getting state of the art healthcare in our bundled payments surgical center.

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