What are Premier Providers?

Kempton Premier Providers™ are an exclusive group who offer a new type of pricing structure for select, self-funded plans. Their pricing is up-front, all-inclusive, deeply discounted, and completely transparent. The participating providers are progressive, free market thinkers who are choosing not to cost shift, but to be potential game changers in the healthcare marketplace. We ensure that all Kempton Premier Providers™ earn top marks in quality and value. These are not fly-by-night facilities and physicians. Many of these facilities are physician-owned and highly respected, some at the national level.

By revolutionizing health care through transparency, Kempton Premier Providers™ are so different in their approach compared to traditional providers, they can be hard to understand. Here are some key differences between our providers and a typical provider:

Typical Provider

  • It’s nearly impossible to learn their costs for procedures in advance
  • Each component of the procedure is billed separately, leading to confusion
  • They justify their higher prices as “necessary cost shifting”
  • Pricing is not based on free-market forces
  • There is no way to accurately verify their quality
Kempton Premier Provider™

  • Disclose the total price up front
  • Pricing is all inclusive
  • Have chosen to compete for patients based on price and quality in a free market
  • Prices are up to 80% less than a typical provider
  • Providers are recognized leaders in their fields

For a much more in-depth look at typical providers vs. Kempton Premier Providers™, please visit this page.

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