2015 FMMA Highlight Reel

View some of the more memorable moments from the 2015 Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) conference.

Jay Kempton Featured on "The MiddleGround"

Jay Kempton was invited to the free market talk show The MiddleGround to discuss the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA), self-funding, as well as how combining transparency, price, and quality leads to valuable healthcare purchasing decisions.

Self-insured Employers Creating Opportunities For Independent Physicians

At the January 2015 American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) conference in New Orleans, Jay Kempton explained self-funding and the benefits of independent physicians and facilities working directly with self-funded employers. It is a win-win-win for physicians, patients, and employers.

The MiddleGround - Local physician offers primary care membership as health care alternative

Dr. Jeff Davenport appears on a segment of The MiddleGround and discusses his practice's transition into direct primary care (DPC).

Kempton Premier Providers™

Kempton Premier Providers™ participants, employers, and providers talk about Kempton Premier Providers™ and how important the healthcare revolution is to you, your Plan, and to healthcare in America.

New trend in the Sooner State: Paying cash for health care

Waves of patients continue to travel from around the country to an Oklahoma surgery center for the promise of affordable health care.

ASA Texas - ACA Update by Maria Robles Meyers

During the 2013 Annual Member Group Meeting, Maria Robles Meyers updated members of Advantage Health Plans Trust on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Exchanges.

ASA Texas - Healthcare Transparency and Free Market Healthcare by Dr. Keith Smith

Dr. Keith Smith discusses how Advantage Premier Providers is having a positive effect on the healthcare transparency movement.

ASA Texas - Good News about Advantage Health Plans Trust by Jay Kempton

We have good news to share with AHPT members! Jay Kempton outlines all the great things happening with your health Plan.

Transparency Film Short

Check out this short trailer for a documentary about transparency in healthcare slated to appear in 2014.

Oklahoma City hospital posts surgery prices online; creates bidding war

An Oklahoma City surgery center is offering a new kind of price transparency, posting guaranteed all-inclusive surgery prices online. The move is revolutionizing medical billing in Oklahoma and around the world.

Advantage Participant Testimonial: Lisa Gilmartin

Participant Lisa Gilmartin of Exchange Bank in Skiatook, OK shares how she works with AHP and her doctor to make the best healthcare purchasing decisions for herself and the Plan. By saving money for her Plan, she saves herself money too, in the form of contributions in the future. (April 23, 2013)

Exposing the "Giant Hospital Bill"

Keith Smith, MD of Surgery Center of Oklahoma presents at the February 2013 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) meeting. Dr. Smith exposed the cartelization of healthcare enabling the "Giant Hospital Bill."

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare - Surgery center provides free-market medicine

The video below talks about how The Kempton Company (Administrator of Advantage Health Plans) and The Surgery Center of Oklahoma have partnered to promote free market transparency in healthcare pricing. Administrator Jay Kempton and Dr. Smith, along with other physicians and third party administrators, firmly believe that consumer and marketplace driven healthcare, or "price honesty" as Dr. Smith so aptly describes it, will change the way we access and utilize healthcare in America. Their goal is to promote this concept to other self-insured employers and like-minded medical practitioners and facilities accross the U.S.

The Surgery Center demonstrates that it’s possible to offer high quality care at low prices. "It's always been interesting to me,” says Dr. Jason Sigmon, “that in any other industry, tons of attention is devoted to making systems more efficient, but in health care that's just completely lost."

When Mr. Kempton met Dr. Keith Smith, he had been looking for a way to help his clients deal with their exploding health care costs. "Cutting edge procedures are justifiably expensive," Kempton concedes. "But what we also see are soaring increases in relatively garden-variety procedures, like a knee resurfacing or a carpal tunnel release. Those things should not be experiencing 10 or 15 percent inflation every year. So Mr. Kempton and Dr. Smith came up with a cost-saving arrangement: If their employees agreed to be treated at the Surgery Center instead of a traditional hospital, they would be spared the cost of all co-pays and deductibles. Almost immediately, Mr. Kempton was approached by other surgical centers and hospitals. There are now four health care facilities participating in his flat-fee consortium (Advantage Premier Providers™), and more are on the verge of coming onboard.

Rep. James Lankford and Dr. Keith Smith Discussed a Market-Based Approach to Health Care

Rep. James Lankford and Dr. Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma discuss a market-based approach to health with more transparent prices to reduce costs. (December 7, 2011)

ObamaCare is the Wrong Answer. Doctors explain the real solutions for putting patients first.

Patients must come first, period! ObamaCare fails to do this. Real solutions like, H.R. 4224, The OPTION Act, empower patients, not bureaucrats.
Video of AAPS Capitol Hill Briefing on July 18, 2012: "The OPTION Act. A Healthy Patient-Physician Relationship Requires Options, Not Mandates."
Dr. Smith begins speaking at 23:20

How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Common Surgeries

One of our Premier Providers™, The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, has been making big waves with their transparent cost structure and bundled pricing. So much so, that Anchor D Bank President Paul Freeman, Surgery Center Director Dr. Keith Smith, and Jay Kempton were asked to sit down with local KOCO Channel 5 news to discuss the impact on self-funded health plans!