Patient Information

When you use a Kempton Premier Provider™ for a covered surgery or medical service, the Plan will pay the covered charges at 100%. Depending on your plan, you can save thousands in terms of out-of-pocket and deductible costs, as well as save your Plan money... and those savings can translate into reduced contributions.

Cash Price Agreement FAQ
KPPFree Know Before You Go

If you are a participating individual needing a procedure or service, start here.

Step One

First, your doctor must have determined that you need a procedure or surgery. He/she will make the initial determination regarding the procedure or service that you need.

Step Two

Following your doctor's diagnosis, call our Kempton Premier Provider™ Advocacy Team toll-free at (800) 324-9396 to see if your procedure can be performed by a Premier Provider. Not every procedure or service is eligible, and the list of qualified procedures is subject to change at any time as we are continually bringing on new Kempton Premier Providers™ to serve you best.

Step Three

If your procedure or service is qualified by a Kempton Premier Provider™, our Advocates will work with you as a full concierge service to help schedule your initial consultation with the Premier Provider you have chosen, help arrange travel, and provide you with a Kempton Premier Provider™ voucher that will enable your procedure to be covered at 100%.

Step Four

When you arrive at your initial consultation, you will be required to produce your voucher. These items ensure that the claim goes through the proper channels and your procedure will be covered at 100%.

Step Five

Congratulations! Not only have you ensured that you will be receiving excellent care, you will have saved you and your plan thousands of dollars while incurring zero out-of-pocket costs. With Kempton Premier Providers™ you will have not not paid a cent for your procedure or service. As a reminder, remember that you can call our KPP Advocates M-F, 8AM to 5PM, toll-free at (800) 324-9396 or email us through our website.