WellBridge Surgical

WellBridge Surgical
This provider specializes in: Ear, Nose & Throat
General Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery

We deliver high-quality surgical services, directly to patients, saving them money through transparent, fixed, up-front pricing.

The health care system is broken. Health care is the only service you buy WITHOUT knowing the price up front.

But we are changing the game.

We cut out the intermediaries, provide surgical care for what it costs, and pass the savings onto the patient. This is the way that WellBridge Surgical is making a positive change to the health care system for the benefit of families, individuals, and businesses in Central Indiana.

WellBridge is truly a better option for surgical services.

You can visit WellBridge Surgical online at https://wellbridgesurgical.com/

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To begin the process, please contact a KPP Advocate at (866) 898-7219. For a list of qualified procedures, please refer to the link below.

Qualified Procedures

WellBridge Surgical Qualified Procedures (PDF format)