Weightwise Bariatric (Transforming Lives)

Weightwise Bariatric (Transforming Lives)
This provider specializes in: Bariatric Surgery

WeightWise Bariatric Program specializes in the comprehensive surgical treatment of obesity and its attendant maladies. Our overarching objectives: to create highly educated patients, safe operations and substantial long term weight loss.

Toby Broussard, MD and Gregory F. Walton, MD, General and Bariatric Surgeons, comprise WeightWise Bariatric Program. Dr. Broussard and Dr. Walton perform weight loss surgery techniques including lap band surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, and laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. WeightWise Bariatric Program is located right outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and also serves areas including Tulsa Oklahoma, Dallas Texas, Amarillo Texas, Wichita Kansas, and Little Rock Arkansas.

Bariatric Surgery has a new face and it is Transforming Lives. We have labored to design a uniquely integrated and comprehensive bariatric surgery program to ensure great outcomes not only from the operation itself, but also through the long term success of each patient.

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