Digestive Health Center of Plano (Park Ventura Endoscopy Center)

This provider specializes in: Gastroenterology

Comprised of six ambulatory endoscopy centers in partnership with the largest Gastroenterology practice in the State- Digestive Health Associates of Texas (DHAT). Our focus on one specialty, GI endoscopy, allows enhanced expertise in our diagnosis, treatment, and preventative screenings of digestive ailments and disease. Our most common procedures are screening or diagnostic colonoscopies, which every male and female is at average risk for colon cancer at 50 years old at a minimum. We also perform upper endoscopy procedures to diagnose and treat acid reflux, heartburn, and other common digestive/abdominal ailments.

Our patient satisfaction scores are generally 20 percentage points higher than a hospital with reduced complications, exposure to infections, and at a substantially reduced cost. Digestive Health Center also voluntarily participates in the GI endoscopy quality benchmark registry- GIQuIC- to ensure you receive the highest quality care from a board certified gastroenterologist. We generally exceed the national benchmark for the most prominently sited quality measure in colonoscopy (Adenoma Detection Rate- ADR) by approximately 9 percentage points.

All facilities are State licensed, Medicare certified and voluntarily achieved accreditation for ambulatory surgery centers (AAAHC) and Endoscopic Unit Recognition certification from ASGE. Our locations are conveniently located throughout the Metroplex in Bedford, North Richland Hills, South Dallas, Uptown/Park Cities, Plano, and Allen. In addition, our medical staff has over 30 office/clinic locations in DFW for consultative office visits.

All facilities are located in shopping centers with no parking garages, no marquee to locate us, 1st floor/front door access to our facilities, and no ER to delay your care. We are leaders in digestive health, guided by patient care, and defined by value.

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