Imes Sleep Services

Imes Sleep Services
This provider specializes in: Sleep Medicine

* For Oklahoma and Texas Residents Only

Imes Sleep Services offers comprehensive sleep services to patients seeking diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Services available at Imes Sleep Services:

Services available at Affordable Sleep Center:
1. Expert medical consultation to evaluate all sleep disorders
2. Home sleep testing is used for diagnosis of sleep disorders (in-lab studies are available if indicated)
3. Sleep equipment (auto-CPAP/BiPAP) is provided for qualifying patients with professional set-up and fitting of equipment
4. Follow-up after treatment will be at appropriate time intervals
5. Resupply of perishable sleep supplies every 6 months for compliant patients (mask, hoses, filters)

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To begin the process, please contact a KPP Advocate at (866) 898-7219. For a list of qualified procedures, please refer to the link below.

Qualified Procedures

Imes Sleep Services Qualified Procedures (PDF format)