Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging

Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging
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Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) is a 6,000 sq/ft state of the art facility that offers the most advanced technology available.

CDI provides 3T MRI, Ultrasound, 3D Mammography, Bone Density, CT scan and Biopsy services; yet still provides front door parking and no outpatient registration lines.

CDI offers the following services:
(not all of the services listed below may be eligible for Premier Provider benefit, please call us to confirm if your procedure is a qualified procedure)

3D & 2D-HD MAMMOGRAPHY: are breast cancer screening tools that combine 2D (synthetic) High Definition digital mammogram with a scan called a tomogram. A tomogram is a lot like a mini-CT scan, but uses much less radiation.
With new software generating a 2D High Definition (HD) mammogram from the 3D tomogram, the radiation dose is 30-40% less than any other mammogram.

Viewing the breast with these tools allows cancers that may be hidden behind normal breast tissue to be clearly visible. Studies show that when both 3D & 2D HD are used, there is a 41% increased detection of invasive breast cancers.

3T MRI: The sensitivity of an MRI is determined by the size of the magnet. The magnet strength is rated using a unit of measure known as a Tesla (T). The larger the T number the stronger the magnet and the clearer the images. Most MRIs used by hospitals are rated as a 1.5 T and most Open MRIs are rated at 1 T or less at CDI all MRI exams are performed using a 3T MRI. The 3T MRI scan is twice as sensitive as those available in most hospitals and ten times more sensitive than many open sided MRI's. The sensitivity is so good that it eliminates the need for painful arthrograms. CDI is the only 3T MRI facility in the community with a dedicated table that has the breast MRI coil built-into the table.

CT SCANS: CDI performs CT scans on every part of the body. Using a 16 Slice GE BrightSpeed Elite scanner the exam has up to a 40% reduction in radiation dose along the entire body yet does not compromise the quality of the image. The CDI CT scanner is complete with current pediatric protocols and a CRNA that specializes in pediatric sedation.

CONSCIOUS SEDATION: Upon request, a CRNA provides conscious sedation for MRI (adult & pediatric) and CT (pediatric). Patient's with extreme claustrophobia can receive a full field MRI scan.

* Stereotactic: CDI has the only biopsy table in Oklahoma that was specifically redesigned to provide increased comfort while the breast biopsy is being performed.
* MRI & Ultrasound Guided: With an onsite doctor, CDI can use the 3TMRI and Ultrasound devices to biopsy potential cancers that are visible on the initial exam.

ULTRASOUND GUIDED BIOPSY: In addition to breast biopsy, CDI ultrasound guided biopsy services include: Thyroid Biopsy, Lymph node Biopsy, Soft Tissue Masses, Neck and Face Mass Biopsies.

BONE DENSITY SCAN: Also called a DXA scan is a special X-Ray Scan on the spine and the hips used to diagnose osteoporosis, a gradual loss of calcium and structural changes that causes bones to become thinner and more likely to break.

* 100 % sensitive for detection of breast cancer
* Preferred scan for brain imaging
* Special protocol for Alzheimer studies
* Exceptional sensitivity with the small joints of hands and feet
* MRA: abdomen, Aorta, Brain, Carotid

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